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Using Single and Multiple Answers Questions – Survey Tutorial

When you requested to fill the survey, you will find the various type of questions, one of them is single & multiple answer. Single question allow only one answer to be chosen and you will specify non-negative marks for each answer, usually zero marks for wrong answer or maximum marks for correct answer.

Creating a Single Choice Question using JAKPAT:

How to add this question type:

1. Choose the type of single question on your dashboard

Single 1


2. You can see the tutorial video how to use Single Question, and how to add skip logic in your question. Click the Preview button to see the tutorial, then click Use This button if you sure using this type question.

Single 2


3. Then you can create your single question here.

  • You can add other option if you need more than two options.
  • You can add skip logic
  • You can add “other option” if you need the respondents to write another opinion besides the optional that has been determined.

Single 3

Is it make sense how to create single answer using JAKPAT right? And now, we will explained how to create Multiple Answer. Multiple answer is easy to use, it lets the respondents to answer one or more from defined list options. It can be useful to reach out which the answers was selected by the most respondents.

Creating a Multiple Question using JAKPAT

How to add this question type:

1. This step is similar to the first step when you create single question.

Multiple 1


2. And you can see how to create multiple answer from the video

Multiple 2

3. And you can create your multiple answer here.

Multiple 3


There is nothing different of the steps from the single answer, but in multiple answer there is additional button that you can add minimum and maximum answer. For example you set eight options that respondents can choose whether the most answer, but in the end you just need they answer only four the most answer from the option that already provided. So you can add min-max answer, respondents can’t choose another option when they had answer four options before.

Hope this clears things up for you ^^


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