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Using JAKPAT XLS crosstab report

When conducting survey analysis, the result of surveys are presented in aggregate data, like data tables are based on the entire group of survey respondents. If you want to analyzing and comparing for one or more variables or understand how two different survey interrelate, using cross tabulation analysis is the answer. Because of cross tabulation analysis is representative in simplifying data, the researcher can easily and fast to conclude the result than manual data. In Jakpat, after your survey completed, you can download the result in cross tabulation data, here is how you can download it:

untitled 2

And here is the cross tabulation data, you will get profile of respondents from your target who answered each question. Example question number 1, you can analyze who answer option yes and no by the gender (male/female) or age (16-35).

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Or you want to create your own cross tabulation data, you can modify from one question to another question. Here is how you can create your cross tabulation in JAKPAT. You just need to klik from one to another question, simple!

Untitled 4


After you have finished determining which question you want to cross tab and klik the Create Custom Report button, you will get the xls report like the one below:

Untitled 6

for example you can compare the respondents who answer Yes in number 8 to the respondents who answer Yes or No in question number 5 is 97,05% and 76,39%. And respondents who answer No in number 8 to the question number 5 who answer Yes or No is 2,95% and 23,61%.

This clarity of interpretation from cross tabulation data helps researcher gain better insights from the relationship among the variables without confusing or from complicated data.


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