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Brand and Logo Testing Survey

One of the hardest challenges facing any market professional is picking a logo design to represent your brand. A good logo or brand will have some variable, including :

  • Effectively reflects brand idea and promises
  • Align with value proportions
  • Be distinctive and memorable
  • attractive and has a simulating effect on consumer

Further, even when you think that the logo you’ve finally pick is the best one, you still cannot guaranty that the market will think the same way.  Therefore, it is important to test the logo you choose before launch it to the market. It will give you an insight about what is the majority of consumers thinking about it. One of the simple way to do the test is by conducting a survey.

Through online survey with Jakpat, it’s possible to upload your image logo so that you can ask respondents about their opinion then actually get feedback from your target market. In case you have several concept logos, you can also use survey to get some input so that you can make a right decision about which concept is the best.

There are some suggestion in making your logo or brand testing survey :

1. Choose a right target market

Choosing your target market correctly is quiet important to produce a right output from your survey. You have to know exactly which segment you want to ask, to collect their opinion.

2. What to ask

After setting your target market, second thing you have to know is what kind of question you suppose to ask. You may ask about their perception when they see your concept logo for the first time, what crossing their mind when they see the logo, what value they receive, is the logo unique or common, is it attractive or not, etc.

3.  After you get the result data, don’t get drunk on logo testing

Reading logo testing survey results can be intoxicating. One logo may have done unexpectedly well when another unexpectedly poor. Looking at how opinions vary by gender or age may reveal fascinating differences. But, remember that you have to use this data wisely. As you read through your logo testing data, keep these 4 principles in mind :

  • It is not a popularity concept : Remember that just because your logo have poor review doesn’t mean you definitely cannot use it. What you want to know trough survey is what most of them thinking about the logo, not necessarily make the the one who make a decision for you. If the survey result of your logo is poor, it means that you might need to formulate something to make it better.
  • Brand building takes time  : In other case, just because the panel likes your logo very much, doesn’t mean it will be a guarantee for your logo to success just in minute. Everything good takes time basically.
  • Weeding out is process : The most common benefit of a logo testing project is that you will effectively weed out the weakest side of the concept survey -the part with clearly negative associations, mismatched value, proportions, or brand confusing element.
  • Logo convey message : In the best case, your survey result will clearly indicate which logo options the target market find distinctive and memorable, and which convey your intended message or brand personality. Just keep in mind that good responses will help you to narrow and elevate your logo concept.


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