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Apps install on JAKPAT Survey

Company nowadays realized the importance of an apps to be closer to their customers. As almost everyone owns a mobile phone, having an app means putting yourself in the hand of your customers. It will be easier for your customer to reach you.

Whether you are a startup company that is about to introduce your product to the world, or an established company trying to reach more customers via mobile apps, it is always a good idea to test your app before launching it to the public.

It is important to get insight from outsiders who have no idea about the soon-to-be-launched product. That way, you will get an honest feedback about your app. Is the color scheme annoying? Does it represent the product/service you’re trying to sell? Is the logo easy to remember? Is the app easy enough to navigate?

Within our platform, you will be able to ask our respondents to try installing the apps and have their feedback about the apps.

Here is how:

1. When choosing Question type, choose Action


2. Then, choose Install Android App.

app test1


3. write your app’s URL to fill the form.

app test1please note that when using install andorid app the survey only consist of 1 question. Follow up survey have to be created on a new survey.


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