1. What is JAKPAT - Open Survey Platform?

    JAKPAT is an open survey platform where you can submit a survey easily and get real-time survey result through your dashboard from Indonesian mobile respondent.

  2. How it works?

    All you have to do is sign up to our dashboard, choose your target, and submit your questions. We will send your survey via push notification to our mobile apps used by over 168,551 respondents from Indonesia.

  3. Why should I use JAKPAT?

    Fast - Get survey result in real-time

    Easy - Don’t know what survey to create? Use templates and match your KPI

    Accurate - Our respondent has been through 3 steps verification and all answers are validated for each survey.

    Cheap - compared to traditional surveys, using mobile survey is way more cost effective. Our pricing starts from USD 0.1 per question/respondent.


Free Trial

  1. Before I use JAKPAT, can I have a free trial first?

    Sure, you can visit https://jakpat.net/free-trial to try creating survey with us.

  2. What will I get with the free trial?

    You will be able to send surveys with maximum 5 questions to 100 respondents.

  3. Can I choose specific profile for my free trial survey?

    You can choose your respondents’ age, SES, and Gender in the free trial version. In the full version, there will be many more profile categories you can choose.

  4. What type of questions can I put in the free trial?

    For free trial, you will be able to ask them in single answer, multiple answer, open ended question type.

  5. Will I be able to get the report for free trial?

    Yes, of course. You will get the default report for the free trial, consisted of PDF for pie chart/graphic and XLS for raw data, respondents profile, and cross-tabulation.

  6. How many times can I use free trial?

    You can only use free trial once when you create an account.

Survey Creation, Pricing, and Reports

  1. What should I prepare to create a survey?

    Your questionnaire draft and target respondents.

  2. I want to create a survey but not sure what to ask, what should I do?

    You can use our templates that matches your survey and modify it to your liking.

  3. What are the question types I can use for my survey?

    You can use various question types that we provided, basic questions types are single answer, multiple answer, open ended, grid/matrix, priority, and scale. You can also use special question type like install app, open link, play video, taking pictures, and work external survey.

  4. Can you explain more about each question type?

    • Single answer: respondents can only choose one options.

    • Multiple answer: respondents can choose more than one answer from the option list

    • Priority: respondents must sort answer based on rank

    • Scale: respondents are asked to choose on a scale

    • Grid/matrix: ask respondents to answer multiple questions in a grid

    • Install app: you can ask respondents to install app to their smartphone

    • Open link: Ask respondent to click on a link.

    • Watch youtube video: ask respondents to watch youtube video, they will only be able to continue the survey once they finished watching

    • Taking pictures: you can ask respondents to take pictures as a part of the survey, they will only be able to continue once they uploaded a picture.

    • Work external survey: Ask respondents to work on an survey from another platform (within JAKPAT app)

  5. Will you check for me if the format I submitted was correct?

    Sure, once you’ve submitted your survey, our team will review your survey. If there is anything that needs to be modified, we will inform you and help you edit it.

  6. Can I edit my survey if I have submitted it?

    You will not be able to edit your survey if you have submitted it, if there is anything that needs to be changed, please contact our team.

  7. When will my survey be published?

    Once the survey is ready to go and you have completed your payment, then we will publish the survey to the respondents.

  8. How long does it usually take for surveys to complete?

    It depends on your target respondents. If your target is general enough, it usually takes only a few hours to a day. If your target is more specific, it may take longer.

  9. Do I have to make the payment upfront?

    Yes, our basic policy is advanced payment, if we cannot reach the targeted respondents, we will then refund for your payment. If your company have different payment policy, please inform our team.

  10. I have paid for my survey but the status is still “waiting payment”, why is this?

    We will review your payment and get back to you as soon as possible with the notification that we have received your payment and your survey is currently being reviewed.

  11. Will I get notification if my review process is finished?

    Yes, we will send a notification email and we will ask for your confirmation befor publishing the survey to the respondents.

  12. My survey’s been published, what do I do now?

    You can monitor the progress of your survey in the dashboard. Once it’s completed, you will be able to download the report from the dashboard also.

  13. How do I calculate the price for my survey?

    Our pricing starts from USD 0.1 per questions/respondents. More details about pricing you can find here: https://jakpat.net/pricing

  14. What kind of reports will I get when my survey is completed?

    You will get 2 kinds of report. PDF for graphic and pie chart for each questions and XLS for raw data, respondents profile, and cross-tabulation of profile and the answers.

  15. What kind of respondents profile will I get in the report?

    By default, you will get respondents basic demography, consists of: Age, SES, Gender, Location, Religion, Monthly spending, Profession, and Education.

  16. Can you help me do analysis for my survey?

    Yes, we can help you do a deeper analysis. There will be additional cost for this starting from USD 500.


  1. Who are JAKPAT respondents?

    Our respondents are those who have installed JAKPAT app in their smartphone, everybody can be our respondents as long as they pass the verification process.

  2. What is the verification process?

    To be able to work on the surveys, respondents must first pass some process such as:

    • Facebook account verification to check if the person real and not a fake account

    • Phone number verification (one phone number can only have one account)

    • Valid ID card/KTP verification (one ID card can only have one account)

    • Device ID verification: one device can only have one JAKPAT account and cannot switch between accounts

  3. What will they get if they are doing JAKPAT survey?

    Everytime they finished a survey, respondents will get points (depending on how complicated the survey is). This point can be exchanged with various prizes like airtime, shopping voucher, movie tickets, etc.

  4. Will they be punished if their answer is not valid?

    Yes, depending on how severe the mistake, they will get a warning from the system. If they get up to 3 warnings, their account will be blocked and they will not get any survey anymore.

  5. Will they be able to revive their accounts?

    They will get the chance to explain their mistake, depending on the reason, they might be able to clean their accounts and get more surveys.

  6. How do the respondents got the survey?

    When we publish the survey, respondents with qualified profile will get a notification in their smartphone.