About Us

JAJAK PENDAPAT is an Open Survey Platform that can connects marketers like you to our 885,922+ mobile respondents and get insights from them in just hours.

How does JAKPAT works? We have two connected interface, first a web apps / open dashboard in JajakPendapat.net where marketers/researcher can submit a survey and second mobile apps for respondents in Android and IOS to receive survey through push notifications and get rewarded directly.

Open, Faster, Cheaper and Reliable.
We knew that doing market research relatively costly and time consuming. Your company probably does market research once or twice a year, hire a market research company for a research project that finished in months.

With JAKPAT, we want to make market researching more open.

  • Within our open platform you can create tailored survey, send to tailored audience with tailored budget.
  • Mobile apps respondent responses faster than other online surveys. In our case, 10% responses in 5 minutes, and around 1000 responses in 2-3 hours with basic demographic targeting.
  • Set your own budget. Our pricing policy charge you based on no of questions you ask and no of respondents you need. Starts from IDR 1,000 (USD 0.1) per respondent for 1 questions.
  • We have done profiling surveys to all our respondents based on their basic demographic and categorical infos, so you don't need to do filtering anymore.
  • Our system automatically drop error response and invalid respondents. See Respondent quality management in the attachment for details.
  • While respondents are participating in your survey you can monitor real-time in our dashboard platform.

We have conducted over 10,000+ mobile survey projects from more than 100+ companies from various industry such as FMCG, Consumer Services, Telecommunication, E-Commerce, IT, Business Consulting and Advertising Agencies from global, multinational to local companies. Our platform also used by more and more students and researcher from reputable university both in Indonesia or abroad.

So how is it? Imagine you're in a meeting, a decision must be made, and you need a quick insights about the market to ensure your decision. This platform can help you and your team right away :)


To understand more about how JAKPAT works, you can download our Product Intro. There we have our service explained. Starting from how we verify our respondent to the report you'll get. Also included some of our previous projects and templates you might be interested in using for your survey

We categorize our respondents based on their profile, from their basic demography to lifestyle habit such as mobile habit, traveling, etc. To get these detailed information, you can download our Panel Book