About Us

Jakpat is your one stop service solution for your market research needs.

We help make way for you to take a deep dive into the minds of your market and unleash your curiosity about the market with our ever growing managed community panelists from all over Indonesia.

Findings and insights from our panelists are readily served with the help of our experienced research experts.


Conducting research can be overwhelming. As there is a whole lot to juggle and keep track of, the last thing on your mind should be worrying about costs and time spent to conduct your research.

With our world changing in such rapidity, conducting conventional research is not an option since it would take months to finish and the market may have changed by the time the report is completed. Surely, you would not want to waste your time and money for out-of-date insights, right?

Jakpat is here with the solutions for your research needs:

  • Agile approach in reaching your customer minds and monitoring the answer real time.
  • Designed especially with the ability to access nationwide panels, so you can now collect and process insights instantaneously.
  • Managed community panelists who are all verified and filtered, making it possible for you to directly send your survey to the people with specific profiles you need.
  • Tailored system designed for online survey with advanced features to ensure each answer validity.


To understand more about how JAKPAT works, you can download our Product Intro. There we have our service explained. Starting from how we verify our respondent to the report you'll get. Also included some of our previous projects and templates you might be interested in using for your survey

We categorize our respondents based on their profile, from their basic demography to lifestyle habit such as mobile habit, traveling, etc. To get these detailed information, you can download our Panel Book